2007 Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Often small businesses are squeezed for cash flow and yet we know we must advertise if we want to expand and get new customers. As our businesses grow we know that most of our customers will continue to come from word-of-mouth advertising, where happy and satisfied customers tell their friends to shop with us and buy our products or services.Of course, first we must get the customers to make them happy so that they will go and tell a friend. This is why we must advertise, but how do you advertise on a limited budget when you are concerned about cash flow, making payroll, keeping up your inventory and paying the rent?In these series of articles I will make the case for direct-mail marketing and I will discuss what I have learned in growing our companies. As a franchisor; we started as a small company operating in a few cities and grew the business eventually operating in 450 cities, 110 markets, 23 states and four countries. All this took about 27 years; overnight success, yah sure? Sometimes we had franchisees, which were undercapitalized and we had to help them find ways to advertise to get the most bang for their buck. One method we found extremely efficient was direct-mail marketing.As you read this article and others on the subject, I recommend that you use them both as a marketing manual for your direct-mail marketing campaigns, as well as a thinking exercise to help you in your entrepreneurial efforts. You should be discussing publicity, advertising, marketing and public relations and how direct-mail marketing is suited for all. Please keep an open mind and consider how each point of contention offered in this book might help you in your endeavors. Teach yourself to think and think about how direct mail can help you achieve your goals.These articles are not to hype you to spend all your money on direct mail, nor is it to entice you to spend all your money with a particular direct-mail marketing coupon package company. The goal is only to help you become more efficient with your advertising dollar in your small business, nonprofit, political campaign or government agency. I would like to help you do what you already do better. I thank you for reading all my articles and the wonderful feedback. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?